Phenacite pendant top with Herkimer

Phenacite pendant top with Herkimer

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Phenacite is a powerful and high vibrational rare stone. It stimulates and expands every chakra and energy pathway in the body. It supports a new spiritual understanding to clear your life of limiting patterns, beliefs, and ideas. It allows one to rapidly access higher levels of awareness guidance. It strong enough to activate the third eye and inner visions.


Origin: Brazil

Size: 23 x 17 x 15 mm


Herkimer Quartz absorbs negative energy and breaks old patterns. It clears electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity that eliminates stress and tension from the body. It brings the soul's purpose forward.


Origin: Herkimer, New York


This Pendant top is wrapped in gold-filled wire.

The chain is a 24” adjustable gold-plated snake chain.

Due to natural resources, it may not have a clean edge or surface. Please check the photos carefully. The dents or chips are part of its unique character. The image of color may differ slightly from the actual stone because of lighting or digital device quality or my photo technique. 



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