Opal Aura on flower Amethyst Cluster

Opal Aura on flower Amethyst Cluster

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This Opal Aura Quartz is created by molecularly bonding Platinum onto Natural Amethyst Flower Cluster. It guides to the angelic realm because of Platinum vibration. It allows access to a deep state of awareness and receives the information into the physical state. It leads to the divine through cosmic consciousness. This angelic crystal cleanses the aura and purifies all chakras, brings happiness and joy to your life.

Amethyst Flower Cluster is a delicate form with light lilac to lavender color. Flower Amethyst brings light and love into the environment.


Origin: Brazil

Size: 128x102x75mm

Due to natural resources, it may not have a clean edge or surface. Please check the photos carefully. The dents or chips are part of its unique character. The image of color may differ slightly from the actual stone because of lighting or digital device quality or my photo technique. 



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